Connectology announces partnership with Annual Investment Meeting

Abu Dhabi will host the 12th edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) from 8 to 10 May 2023, which will take place under the theme of “The Investment Paradigm Shift: Future Investment Opportunities to Foster Sustainable Economic Growth, Diversity, and Prosperity”.

The Annual Investment Meeting 2023 will be attended by decision-makers, investors, experts, and academic figures from all over the world, who will gather to discuss the shift in the global investment landscape in a global environment characterized by geo-political & economic challenges and its impacts on the attraction of foreign direct investments, and financing vital economic sectors as entrepreneurship, startups, and SMEs.

The Annual Investment Meeting will also address new trends in the current global digital transformation that’s being experienced by developing & developed economies. AIM Global 2023 will feature many sessions & workshops that discuss vital topics, including Future Cities, how to use innovative technologies to address the increasing demands, the business sector’s ability to keep abreast of the fast changes, the future role of Startups & SMEs, and the importance of innovation in achieving growth against a strong competitive background.  Also, AIM Global 2023 pillars will discuss the global capital market transformation, ways to improve the flexibility of global supply chains to benefit from growth opportunities, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution & AI technologies in the years to come.

AIM is an initiative of the AIM Foundation, an independent international organization fully committed to empowering the world’s economy by boosting effective promotion strategies and facilitating opportunities for economic productivity and expansion. The Foundation also undertakes the operation and management of the AIM Global Investment Network and its 15 affiliated Business Groups, including the supervision of the Annual Investment Meeting Global and Regional Chapters. Since its inception, the Annual Investment Meeting has established itself as a leading investment platform in the Middle East, which aspires to ignite positive transformation by creating investment opportunities, upholding solidarity and developing economic relations among nations, as well as addressing the global ordeals that will make a profound impact on economic growth.

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